Monday, September 8, 2008

Let it Rain

I love the rain. I'm not sure why. My girls will tell you it's because I was born during a horrific rain storm. The hospital even lost power and had to use back up generators as I came into the world. My mother says it's the worst thunder and rain storm she ever remembers being in. I told my girls that story a couple of years ago and they not only remember it, but bring it up every time we have a big storm. They're 6.

I love everything about the rain. The smell. The sound. The wind. The dark clouds. The renewal it brings. I love loud thunder and bright lightning. From a drizzle to a full blown storm.. you can count on me being a happy girl. I love to fall asleep to the sound of rain and thunder. I love to wake up to it too. I just plain LOVE the rain.

We got a really good soaking this evening. Here a few pictures from inside my home as it faded down to a drizzle.

From my bedroom window
Also from my bedroom From my dining room window
Out my back door