Monday, September 8, 2008

Let it Rain

I love the rain. I'm not sure why. My girls will tell you it's because I was born during a horrific rain storm. The hospital even lost power and had to use back up generators as I came into the world. My mother says it's the worst thunder and rain storm she ever remembers being in. I told my girls that story a couple of years ago and they not only remember it, but bring it up every time we have a big storm. They're 6.

I love everything about the rain. The smell. The sound. The wind. The dark clouds. The renewal it brings. I love loud thunder and bright lightning. From a drizzle to a full blown storm.. you can count on me being a happy girl. I love to fall asleep to the sound of rain and thunder. I love to wake up to it too. I just plain LOVE the rain.

We got a really good soaking this evening. Here a few pictures from inside my home as it faded down to a drizzle.

From my bedroom window
Also from my bedroom From my dining room window
Out my back door

My Sister Amy

Did I mention I have 5 sisters? Count em... 5! I'm very blessed. We all get along well... and when we don't... we get over it really quickly. The older we get I think the more we realize that life is definitely too short.

I featured a mini-tour of my sister Ann's house in my last post. Now it's Amy's turn. Or should I say it's YOUR turn to take a peek at Amy's beautiful country home. Unfortunately most of the pictures I took when I visited didn't come out well. All that I got that were share-worthy were some outside shots. Sadly, she lives over 4 hours away so I can't just run back over for retakes. I wish I could! Next visit though... I promise.
Next time, I'll be sure to get pictures of the INSIDE of her house as well as some pics of the wonderful house itself. But most importantly, I'll get pictures of her long winding, huge oak tree lined drive way. It's more like a country road than a drive way from the main road up to her house. It's just breathtaking. One of the prettiest I've seen. I'll save that for the spring when it's covered in gorgeous Texas bluebonnets! Something to look forward to!!

She lives in a wonderful hand-collected rock home with a tin roof and a porch that wraps completely around the whole place. It's amazing. She has the most incredible knack of decorating her porches in a country, rustic way. They're just gorgeous. Her green thumb helps!

I hope you enjoy my sister's country home... I promise more pictures in the spring!

My Sister Ann

I mentioned in my "about me" that my sisters and I all have a love of decorating... of vintage treasures... of the hunt to find the perfect little "goodie" for the perfect little spot. There are 6 of us. We all love old things. We get it from our mother who has been an antique lover and "junker" by nature her whole life.

My sister Ann lives in a beautiful farmhouse in South Texas on quite a few acres... I think about 80. I'm so jealous. My little 5 acres pales in comparison! While all of my sisters and I love antiques and very similar items to a certain degree... we all have a little different flair about our styles. Ann has tons of everything! Don't ask me how she dusts! She loves true country farmhouse items and has some of the most beautiful pieces ever! Don't even get me started about her farmhouse kitchen table. I've been begging her for it for YEARS!! I'm eventually going to wear her down!! (Hopefully!)

I hope you enjoy this mini-tour of her comfortable, warm, vintage farmhouse... and most importantly, always welcoming country home.

Backyard swing under a big 'ol oak

Ann's beautiful front porch. It spans the whole width of her house and looks upon her beautiful property.

One of the many country cupboard vignettes in Ann's kitchen.
Her sunny and almost magical "toy room" guest bedroom. My girls and her granddaughters LOVE it!She even has a guest bedroom decorated completely with vintage sewing items.