Saturday, July 12, 2008

I'm Obsessed!

While my home isn't exactly a cottage... it is absolutely my favorite style and I try to incorporate it wherever I can. There's something so comfortable about cottage... shabby... farmhouse style. It just draws you in and beckons you to cozy up and relax.

I would love to one day own an old farmhouse or historic home with a big wrap around porch. I'd have a white porch swing (or two) covered with pluffy pillows made out of faded floral vintage tablecloths in reds, blues, yellows and greens. There would be some asparagus ferns scattered about and some white wicker here and there. The beadboard ceiling would be painted a soft sky blue, providing the perfect background for the quietly humming white ceiling fans. The architectural detail would ooze cottage charm and the beautiful green lawn between the porch and the picket fence would have a sweet vignette of old birdhouses, potted geraniums and soft yellow, chippy metal "motel" chairs. My sisters and my Mom would come to visit often and we would sit on the porch and drink my sister Audra's sweet tea. The air would be filled with sounds of laughter, kids playing and the occasional slam of the old screen door. I can picture it all now. It sounds heavenly! Maybe one day... We'll see!

For weeks now, I've been checking out all of the fabulous blogging sites dedicated to home decor and cottage living and I find myself engrossed in them all. It's as exciting as when the new Country Living or Country Home magazine comes in the mail! Only I don't have to wait! There are so many women out there with amazing talent! I love reading their stories and being inspired by all of their lovely homes and gardens. I've become obsessed!

Because of my new found obsession... I've decided to join in! I'll be sharing my home.. my decorating style and my treasure hunting adventures soon. I'm very excited to start my blogging journey! I hope you'll visit often! And leave me your comments! I'd love to hear from you!

Be Inspired! Aby


What Happens Next... said...


Welcome to the blogging "community"! I am pretty new here, myself, but it really is a wondrous place, filled with all sorts of amazing voices and incredible talent.

And I love the picture you painted of your dream house. I felt like I was there with you!

xo Debbie

Brenda said...

Welcome from me too! I followed your link from the comment on Pioneer Woman's post. I started blogging a couple years ago, and get a lot of pleasure from reading other blogs too. Hope you enjoy it - I will be checking for pictures of your vintage interests! :)